Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taking a moment

Over the past few weeks I have been dealing with some anxiety that needs to be let go. Finding solutions and talking to close friends have helped me accomplish much release! and by doing that i've been centering myself to look beyond and be thankful with much gratitude.

Last night Addie and I got some yummy tea at an awesome little tea shop in squirrel hill called Te'. Nothing like a warm pot of tea and the company of a great friend to make your soul feel whole. 

             Pretty as a picture. Is it almost Easter or is it Christmas Morning? 

Way too much fun. The guys ( Teen and Mother) testing the lighting in between set. I truly love my job and are forever thankful for being able to do what I do and have fun everyday!

Soaking up these last days of dressing cozy. green beanie | H & M, Red scarf | Target, Flowy long card i | Eddie Bauer, Shirt | Obey, Dark Denim | JCP, Boots | Frye 

This showed up on my door step today!!! Can't wait to give it a spin or two.. 

“If we can understand the process of life without condemning, without saying it is right or wrong, then, I think, there comes a creative happiness which is not “yours” or “mine.” That creative happiness is like sunshine. If you want to keep the sunshine to yourself, it is no longer the clear, warm life- giving sun. Similarly, if you want happiness because you are suffering, or because you have lost somebody, or because you have not been successful, then that is merely a reaction. But when the mind can go beyond, then there is a happiness that is not of the mind.” - jiddu krishnamurti

Albums i've been Listening to :
Tomorrow, Tomorrow - Campfires
Impossible Truth - William Tyler

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


So, as most people are... I'm a huge vinyl nerd. It's something about the sound, the smell and how its about the last - easily- accessible way to listen to music.. I do love you iPhone.. Anyways, Bryan and I checked out Amoeba of course when we were in Hollywood. Talk about decision anxiety, you can easily spend hours in that place!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Best Coast - to be continued.

Bryan and I took a trip to the west coast of Southern California earlier this month and to put it Plain and Simple It's where I'm meant to be.
Myself and Bryan on Newport Beach

Wearing this very fitting shirt on Newport Beach

Checking out Birdcage Coffee House In Long Beach

it was either this or our names.... 

Coffee on the beach, what's better than that?

Some shopping at Brandy Melville

Urban's store display at the anti mall in costa mesa.. Heaven.

And at OF and SUPREME
Inside the Supreme store in Fairfax.

Family Books in Fairfax, Awesome Selection! 

Huntington Beach Pier
Had the honor of meeting two people that highly inspire me 
Ed and Deanna Templeton.
Check out their work here 

Bryan with his new board,  Newport Beach.

House from Workaholics. 

Can never pass up them sweets..

KRUSTYLAND at Universal Studios! They did a great job on this ride. We also did an awesome studio tour, and barely had to wait in any lines! Thank you 60 degree weather and us being east coasters who are able to handle it! 

View from our Hotel in Hollywood

A darling little house by the beach

Hugo and Bryan out on the rocks.

California you stole our hearts.

55 years of love

My older brother Mycool and I went to Oxford, MI to visit my Grandma Rose. My Grandpap Bill passed away last month. We are having a memorial for him this summer here when the weather breaks in pittsburgh, where they lived majority of their lives. I love spending time with family, and catching up on old photos even though it was bittersweet without Grandpap being there. My Grandma is a very strong woman who i admire greatly. Here are some photos of my gram and pap that i swooned over.

Grandma Rose with her sister and mother

Grandpap when he was in the army

and one recent from our trip...

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Hey Dawgs!
         All moved into my new space. Currently sitting on F.C.C ( Four Cushion Couch) Drinking hot cocoa, looking up gluten free/veg baked good cpies(recipes), and watching Reservoir Dogs. This music!  Thankful for my older Bro, Bryan, Rachel and Nate for helping me move all my stuff downstairs.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Creative Rush

The last few days I've had a creative rush that is just want I've needed. I wanted to build my portfolio so with help from Late Nights, Coffee, My Brother Mycool, friends - Dylan, Shayla, Jen and my wonderful Sweetheart Bryan, we made it happen. 

- Had a wonderful morning with Bryan, We walked to Whole Foods and got some made to order omelets! He went to work and so did. I started shopping for a commercial, which didn't last long! (3hrs)  Christmas shoppers are... not sure how to put this nicely.., the biggest distraction and irritant of my job, (nailed it)  my mind was going NUTS. So, I'm going to go back out tomorrow and hopefully it won't be as bad since the Steelers are playing ( another reason i love our football pride)I've just discovered Music Tonic, which is awesome! its Pandora but with videos and you can actually see a whole list of the artists songs and a list of who's similar. I have seen some amazing cinematography, but along with that, comes a huge pet peeve of mine. It's when i think the musician and the director don't seem to align in the project and the video and song REALLLY??..  OH WELL! Time for some hot coco, kitten cuddles and relaxation to the lights of my little Christmas tree. Meeting with a director tomorrow for a new film, hope it goes well! Happy December!

Listening to: Lucy Rose
Reading: Notes from the underground and The Double by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear, deer...

So today is the first day of hunting season. Tradition to most Pennsylvanians including my Father and Brothers. ( Glad I never hopped on that boat). I feel i would still be mourning any deer i shot, if i even shot one. Which the idea of shooting a gun is bad-ass but not to kill a furry warm creature... ANYWAYS.. The idea makes me sad but this video makes my heart smile.. until the end... Speaking of things getting shot.. (uhh) Me and Rachel went and got Thai food tonight, got coffee at 61c cafe and saw LINCOLN ( hence the shooting reference). It was Phenomenal. Daniel Day Lewis is up for many awards this year, I can see it now.  Joanna Johnston was the costume designer ( Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Warhorse, Pirate Radio among many others).. I hope she had many many assistants because that period piece had to be a PAIN in the A.