Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Taking a moment

Over the past few weeks I have been dealing with some anxiety that needs to be let go. Finding solutions and talking to close friends have helped me accomplish much release! and by doing that i've been centering myself to look beyond and be thankful with much gratitude.

Last night Addie and I got some yummy tea at an awesome little tea shop in squirrel hill called Te'. Nothing like a warm pot of tea and the company of a great friend to make your soul feel whole. 

             Pretty as a picture. Is it almost Easter or is it Christmas Morning? 

Way too much fun. The guys ( Teen and Mother) testing the lighting in between set. I truly love my job and are forever thankful for being able to do what I do and have fun everyday!

Soaking up these last days of dressing cozy. green beanie | H & M, Red scarf | Target, Flowy long card i | Eddie Bauer, Shirt | Obey, Dark Denim | JCP, Boots | Frye 

This showed up on my door step today!!! Can't wait to give it a spin or two.. 

“If we can understand the process of life without condemning, without saying it is right or wrong, then, I think, there comes a creative happiness which is not “yours” or “mine.” That creative happiness is like sunshine. If you want to keep the sunshine to yourself, it is no longer the clear, warm life- giving sun. Similarly, if you want happiness because you are suffering, or because you have lost somebody, or because you have not been successful, then that is merely a reaction. But when the mind can go beyond, then there is a happiness that is not of the mind.” - jiddu krishnamurti

Albums i've been Listening to :
Tomorrow, Tomorrow - Campfires
Impossible Truth - William Tyler


  1. Your outfit looks cute and comfy, I like it!
    And I was wondering the same, is it christmas? Also here in Italy, where it's usually warm, now it's soooo cold, the other day it was snowing here too!

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