Monday, March 25, 2013

Best Coast - to be continued.

Bryan and I took a trip to the west coast of Southern California earlier this month and to put it Plain and Simple It's where I'm meant to be.
Myself and Bryan on Newport Beach

Wearing this very fitting shirt on Newport Beach

Checking out Birdcage Coffee House In Long Beach

it was either this or our names.... 

Coffee on the beach, what's better than that?

Some shopping at Brandy Melville

Urban's store display at the anti mall in costa mesa.. Heaven.

And at OF and SUPREME
Inside the Supreme store in Fairfax.

Family Books in Fairfax, Awesome Selection! 

Huntington Beach Pier
Had the honor of meeting two people that highly inspire me 
Ed and Deanna Templeton.
Check out their work here 

Bryan with his new board,  Newport Beach.

House from Workaholics. 

Can never pass up them sweets..

KRUSTYLAND at Universal Studios! They did a great job on this ride. We also did an awesome studio tour, and barely had to wait in any lines! Thank you 60 degree weather and us being east coasters who are able to handle it! 

View from our Hotel in Hollywood

A darling little house by the beach

Hugo and Bryan out on the rocks.

California you stole our hearts.

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