Saturday, December 1, 2012

Creative Rush

The last few days I've had a creative rush that is just want I've needed. I wanted to build my portfolio so with help from Late Nights, Coffee, My Brother Mycool, friends - Dylan, Shayla, Jen and my wonderful Sweetheart Bryan, we made it happen. 

- Had a wonderful morning with Bryan, We walked to Whole Foods and got some made to order omelets! He went to work and so did. I started shopping for a commercial, which didn't last long! (3hrs)  Christmas shoppers are... not sure how to put this nicely.., the biggest distraction and irritant of my job, (nailed it)  my mind was going NUTS. So, I'm going to go back out tomorrow and hopefully it won't be as bad since the Steelers are playing ( another reason i love our football pride)I've just discovered Music Tonic, which is awesome! its Pandora but with videos and you can actually see a whole list of the artists songs and a list of who's similar. I have seen some amazing cinematography, but along with that, comes a huge pet peeve of mine. It's when i think the musician and the director don't seem to align in the project and the video and song REALLLY??..  OH WELL! Time for some hot coco, kitten cuddles and relaxation to the lights of my little Christmas tree. Meeting with a director tomorrow for a new film, hope it goes well! Happy December!

Listening to: Lucy Rose
Reading: Notes from the underground and The Double by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

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